People often ask, “what are the admission criteria for Gray Wolf Ranch” and “who is appropriate for your program?”

While there are certainly a few important items (e.g. applicants should be a male adolescent or young adult and give evidence of problematic use of mood-altering chemicals), no two people or situations are exactly alike.

Rather than relying on any cookie-cutter formula, grid or matrix to utilize “correct” but impersonal placement criteria, we prefer to get to know our prospective resident, his circumstances, and his family as well as possible right from the beginning so our team can make the best recommendation that is truly based on his situation.



Our application process is easy, quick and efficient, so we can get you or your loved one into the program as quickly as your individual situation dictates.

The entire process can be completed in “short order” sometimes within a day or two, but you can count on the fact that our team will work tirelessly to meet your individual needs and get you or your loved one to Gray Wolf as soon as possible.

To apply, you only need to give us a call or submit the form at the bottom of this page. You will be connected with our Admissions Staff who will guide you through every step of the process.

Gray Wolf Ranch

Step 1: Introductory Call

The first step will be our outreach/admissions staff reaching out to you for more information about you or your loved one’s situation and to answer your questions about the program. Our goal is to help you find a solution to the urgent circumstances you or your loved one are enduring whether that be coming to Gray Wolf or assisting you to find a program that may be a better fit.

The highlight of this first step is for us to become as familiar as possible with you or your loved one’s situation, including chemical use history, strength and areas for growth and interests, talents and goals. This will help make an initial determination about your loved one’s needs and whether Gray Wolf is the best fit.

Step 2: Clinical Conversations

To continue to assess if Gray Wolf is the best next step, we begin clinical conversations between our team and any appropriate clinical professionals who work with or have worked with the prospective resident.

Many young men who come to our program have previously worked with therapists, addiction or mental health professionals or have been enrolled in other programs. These professionals typically have very valuable insight into the prospective resident that is not only helpful in assessing if Gray Wolf is a good fit, but can help establish a more seamless continuum of care.

Step 3: Resident Interview

The centerpiece of the admission process is a conversation with the prospective resident. Even though we have a good deal of information by this stage of the process, there is no substitute for beginning to get to know the young man himself.

We will do a phone interview with the prospective resident to further understand who he is, from level of acceptance about his addiction to hobbies, goals and favorite foods. This is the perfect time for him to ask any questions of us as well.

Step 4: Finances & Logistics

If all parties agree that Gray Wolf and the prospective resident are a good fit, we will finalize the financial arrangements and travel logistics. We will also provide assistance with any other details needed to complete the admission process so you or your loved one’s travel to Gray Wolf is comfortable and safe, and he is met and welcomed into our community by a group of knowledgeable, dedicated and friendly people who are ready to roll up their sleeves to help.

We invite and encourage you to come visit Gray Wolf and Port Townsend at any point during the preparation for you or your loved one’s arrival to meet our team, tour our beautiful campus and experience the spectacular surroundings of the Olympic Peninsula that make Gray Wolf such a wonderful place to live and begin or continue the journey of healing and recovery.

Katherine Ketcham

“I know from research and real-life experience — my son, who is now ten years clean and sober, attended Gray Wolf in 2006 — that Gray Wolf provides a premier program and continuum of care with compassion as its keyword.  From primary care to extended care, sober living, vocational opportunities, and family programs, Gray Wolf creates a safe, secure, and well-traveled pathway to health,
wholeness, and long-term recovery for the entire family.”

– Katherine Ketcham, author The Only Life I Could Save


Gray Wolf Admissions Team

Our admissions and finance team handles everything necessary to make the process as smooth as possible, from paperwork to travel logistics. Everything about the admissions process is as seamless, transparent, and caring as the rest of the Gray Wolf experience.

Woody Bernas, M.Div.

Compliance Officer

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Michael Piacentini

Director of Admissions

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Gina O'Donnell

Admissions and Marketing Consultant


An Investment in Recovery

If you have questions about the financial aspects of a stay at Gray Wolf, please visit our finance and insurance page or contact us directly.

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