Gray wolf extended care

Gray Wolf Ranch believes that abstinence from destructive mood-altering substances, adherence to Twelve Step philosophies, and the development of healthy life skills will allow one to maintain life-long recovery. In this handbook, we provide an introduction to the Gray Wolf philosophy and the Extended Care program with a decription of its goals, expectations, and schedules. 

The intent of our program is to develop and promote change and growth in individuals afflicted with a disease that invariably has a negative impact on their physical, emotional, and spiritual health and functioning. Time is a critical factor in the Gray Wolf Ranch program; the length of stay in Extended Care is typically from 120 days, but is always determined on an individual basis by your treatment team.

In this Handbook you will find:

  • Extended Care Program Phases
  • Extended Care Program Goals and Expectations
  • More info on Gray Faciliaties.